Nov 08
APEC GM2540 Gantry 5-Axis Machine

Intex Tooling Technologies Invests in Tooling Capabilities with New 5-Axis Machine

The addition of the APEC GM2540 Gantry machine exemplifies its commitment to using advanced technologies to produce the best possible tooling solutions.

AURORA, ON – Nov. 8, 2021 – Intex announced today that it has increased its tooling capabilities through the purchase of an APEC GM2540 Gantry 5-Axis machine. This machinery has linear motors on all axes for simultaneous machining, enabling Intex to continue providing the best possible tooling solutions at competitive pricing. The Gantry 5-axis machine is set to arrive at Intex’s Aurora plant where the manufacturing of new tooling solutions will begin.  

“The onboarding of this machinery further drives forward our mission of manufacturing innovative tools that meet the intense demands of the automotive industry,” said Robert Graup, Tool Room Manager for Intex Tooling Technologies. 

With a high torque clamping system and a maximum spindle speed of 12,000 rpm, this high-power machine is capable of heavy cutting and mould cutting. The swivel axis and rotary axis have a compact design that reduces the interference area of the milling head. The dual nitrogen counterbalance system promotes seamless movement during machining, creating the smoothest possible tool. 

“Intex aims to be a leader in manufacturing tools that are exceptionally smooth, accurate and structurally sound. This investment will further enable us to provide advanced tooling solutions to the complex problems our clients face,” said Mehdi Fakhri, General Manager for Intex Tooling Technologies. 

The APEC GM2540 Gantry machine’s design promotes a higher cutting force, has a shorter force flow path design and minimizes vibrations from the floor. The box-in-box thermal symmetrical structure of the crossbeam and saddle maintains perfect structural rigidity during high-speed machining, which greatly reduces thermal and weight deformation. This investment in new machinery exemplifies the commitment Intex has for using the latest technology to provide complete tooling solutions for the automotive industry.  


Since 2012, Intex Tooling Technologies has been using the latest engineering systems and manufacturing principles to provide complete tooling solutions from initial part development through to the final tool build. With a 35,000 square foot facility headquartered outside of Toronto, Intex is a full-service supplier of injection mould tooling with state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities. Intex is committed to building and designing the best possible tooling solutions through their extensive experience, proven success, and unparalleled product development capabilities. Learn more at 

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